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Order and Pay from your phone

Discover the new restaurant revolution to be able to interact directly with the restaurant kitchen without the need for waiters


Manage orders to go and tables from our system without any cost



01. Know your restaurant

Discover the dishes for which your customers return, recommend or try for the first time

02. No high fees 

Delivery applications have margins of up to 30% on the product of your restaurant, we only charge the bank transaction fee

03. Order from the cell phone

Diners can order directly to the kitchen from their smartphone. Create multiple orders if you are in a food court and your family wants to order different products

04. Pay from the app

Once the diner wants to leave the restaurant, they can pay directly from their cell phone without the need for a terminal and divide the bill among their entire table

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Know your customers better!

Discover with our administrator tools, relevant information about your clientele, discover their tastes, preferences and achieve a higher engagement by being able to make accurate recommendations regarding their tastes


About us


One of the biggest changes that occurred in the pandemic was the digitization of menus in restaurants. We seek to go one step further by allowing the use of your cell phone for direct interaction with the restaurant without the need for intermediaries.


Become the waiter that your restaurant needs


Our team has more than 10 years of experience in application development, innovation and entrepreneurship



Jose Flores

CEO Table Swift

We are looking for the best partners to achieve a surprising market capture and revolutionize the restaurant sector

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